10 tips for finding the best orthodontist near you

When it comes time to choose an orthodontist, you want to make sure that you make a good, well-informed decision. Orthodontic treatment is nothing to take lightly, but in addition to finding a qualified orthodontist, you also want to make sure that this professional is located near your home or office so that if treatment requires repeated visits (as orthodontic treatments often do), the process is convenient and sustainable. At Cordoba Orthodontics, we always advise our patients to look carefully at their options before committing to a particular orthodontic treatment center. So, as you consider your options, below are ten valuable tips for helping you choose the right orthodontist for you in your area:

1. Consider the experience, education, and training of the orthodontist.

Many patients overlook this step when they choose an orthodontist, but experience and training are essential considerations when choosing an orthodontist. If you have a specific treatment that you need or want or if you have a tricky orthodontic situation, you may need to seek out an orthodontist who can work with your particular situation with skill and specialized experience that will guarantee their skill in managing your particular situation.

All orthodontists require certain qualifications including a high level of education in order to practice. They must have a bachelor’s degree and have a doctorate in dental surgery as well as other types of training in orthodontics. Though board certification isn’t necessary, it is desirable to seek out an orthodontist who has the necessary qualifications to be certified by relevant boards.

2. Consider the advantages of Invisalign® vs. traditional braces.

At Cordoba Orthodontics, we offer patients both treatment options: Invisalign and braces. As a general rule, the cost of these treatment options are similar, but not all patients qualify to receive Invisalign treatment because the complexity of their orthodontic situation may require the use of traditional braces in order to achieve the best results.

If you’re committed to receiving treatment with Invisalign and your dental situation is such that Invisalign is a viable treatment option for you, then it’s important that you locate an orthodontist who can do this kind of treatment for you.

3. Determine the cost of treatment.

Orthodontic treatment can be a significant investment so it’s important to gather information about costs from different offices in your area before you make a decision. Ask about payment options as well as insurance coverage before you make your final decision. Some orthodontic clinics offer payment options that can help make your treatment more affordable. Ask about any additional fees that you might be required to pay and remember that every orthodontic clinic is different and every patient is also different. Be sure that you understand the scope of your treatment plan before committing to a particular orthodontics office.

4. Know your treatment options.

At Cordoba Orthodontics, we enjoy educating our patients about the various treatment options that are available to them. We offer a wide range of services for straightening the teeth from Invisalign to traditional braces. Doing a little research on your own at home can help you make the decision about what you want and target your decision more effectively while shopping for the right orthodontist near you. Figure out what treatment options appeal most to you before you make your first appointment with an orthodontist. This will help you make more informed decisions about treatment.

5. Ask friends and family members for referrals.

Many of our patients come from referrals from friends and family members. At Cordoba Orthodontics we rely a lot on satisfied customers and word-of-mouth to find new patients. If you’re looking for an orthodontist, this is perhaps one of the best ways to find someone to provide the kind of treatment you want. In addition to friends and family members, you can also ask your dentist to refer you to a trusted orthodontist in your area.

6. Consider the location and office hours.

Obviously, it’s important that the orthodontic office is located near your home or your place of work because it’s likely that you’ll have to make repeated visits to the office during treatment. But in addition to location, be sure you ask for the orthodontist’s office hours before you make the final decision. If their office hours don’t sync up with your work schedule you may want to seek out a different clinic.

7. Cost of the initial consultation.

It’s common practice for orthodontists to offer a free initial consultation to examine your teeth and then provide you with information about what kind of treatment the orthodontist plans to use and how long it will take to achieve a great smile. During the initial consultation, photos and x-rays are taken and a treatment plan is provided after evaluation of all the information that’s gathered.

8. Is the office environment pleasant?

In other words, do you feel comfortable at the orthodontic office? If you feel uncomfortable, then it may not be the office for you. At Cordoba Orthodontics, we work hard to create a pleasant office environment for our patients because we know that they’re going to be spending a lot of time with us. Orthodontic treatments can last for a year or longer, so we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re with us.

9. Is the office staff pleasant and helpful?

The office staff is an important part of the overall experience for people who are seeking orthodontic treatment. The receptionists, clinical assistants, and even the scheduling coordinators can have quite an impact on how you feel throughout treatment. Are they friendly? Can they answer your questions? Choose an orthodontist with qualified, capable support staff so that you’re guaranteed to have a pleasant treatment experience.

10. Check the Google reviews for the orthodontist.

Make sure your chosen orthodontist has good reviews online and excellent ratings. If you can find real people who can provide you with real-life reviews, that’s even better. Referrals of any kind can help you find a well-qualified orthodontist with an excellent reputation.

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